ais launches the innovative self-checking bolt 03 May 2023

Anstee Indication Systems (ais) has recently announced the launch of its new self-checking bolt which features internal sensor technology to detect and alert via a remote monitoring system when a crack or other failure occurs that could compromise the bolt’s integrity.

The ais Smart Bolt is manufactured to meet specific customer size and strength specifications, from ¾ inch (20mm) diameter. Its self-checking technology, the company states, has already been tested and proven in more than three years of service in other fixings.

“The Smart Bolt is suitable for all types of applications and is particularly beneficial where the condition of the bolt needs to be known and monitored for operation and safety. It is also ideal for applications that are not easily accessible for inspection or environments that are hostile and/or unstable. As well as improving safety for all stakeholders, it also improves the efficiency and productivity of maintenance operations by identifying which bolts require immediate replacement,” explains Craig Anste, managing director, ais.

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