Adhesive with green credentials 29 February 2024

Italian multinational provider of adhesive solutions, Vibac Group, has launched its ‘V GREEN’ sustainable packaging solution, which is an acrylic adhesive tape incorporating a BOPP (Biaxially Oriented PolyPropylene) film containing 30% by weight of recycled polypropylene (PP), sourced from external suppliers. This eco-conscious composition not only reduces plastic waste, but also promotes the efficient re-use of resources.

The new tape maintains the durability characteristic of Vibac’s standard acrylic tape, withstands various temperature conditions, and is suited for sealing, with its durability ensuring that packages remain intact, providing reliable protection during transit and storage.

With the company committed to sustainability, Vibac’s environmental self-declaration, (ISO 14021:2016), for its new adhesive product is verified by a third-party certification process.

The group’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond product design, with the company actively investing in research and development to enhance its eco-friendly offerings.

Choosing V GREEN actively contributes to the circular economy, as its incorporation of recycled PP encourages recycling initiatives, fostering a sustainable approach to plastics’ usage.

Vibac actively believes in collaborative partnerships that drive positive change, so that users choosing V GREEN will, in reality, be aligning their own brands with a responsible choice and, hopefully, inspire others to follow suit, in turn creating a more sustainable packaging industry.

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