Adhesive solutions for renewable energy sources 23 April 2013

The ideal power supply of tomorrow is ‘green’: from renewable production and effective storage up to temporal and mobile consumption. Connected with an economic sustainability, Lohmann strives to achieve this goal together with manufacturers and users.

The Lohmann bonding engineers have developed adhesive solutions for renewable energy sources, including numerous solutions for the photovoltaics industry as well as new sealing adhesive bonds for electrolysers and fuel cells.

As a trend-setting technology, fuel cells and electrolysers will play a particularly important role here, as they can economically convert chemical energy into electrical energy. Fuel cells are rapidly gaining in significance as they are becoming smaller and more efficient all the time, making them interesting for many sectors of industry. Sealing products are of enormous significance here, as they seal the bipolar plate cells to the fuels (e.g. hydrogen) in the fuel cell area. Self-adhesive sealant is particularly well suited to these purposes, because alongside its sealing properties, it also guarantees stability and can be applied precisely.

Lohmann has therefore developed the sealing adhesive tape: DuploTEC FCT (fuel cell technology) with an acrylic base. The self-adhesive sealant is suitable for PEM (proton exchange membrane) fuel cells and for direct methanol fuel cells (DMFC). The sealing material is available in variable layer thicknesses from 150μm – 350μm (it is possible to produce further thicknesses on specific customer request).

The adhesive material exhibits good initial tack and very good die-cutting properties that prevents it from slipping during application and can be applied true to contour. Unlike with liquid materials, there is no drying period. Its application allows the user to optimise sealing processes in terms of production speed and process reliability. Furthermore, the sealing material maintains distances, compensates for any irregularities in the profile of the bipolar plates in the fuel cells, and – last but not least – presents an affordable solution.

“With their broad portfolio, the bonding engineers show how innovative adhesive solutions can make an economical contribution on the path towards ‘green energy’.”

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