A vegan adhesive 19 June 2020

Beardow Adams has taken action to minimise its impact upon the environment by offering its customers the vegan hot-melt grade BAMFutura™ 43VE, in addition to a growing range of bio-based products and eco-friendlier services.

The new vegan hot-melt grade, BAMFutura™ 43VE from Beardow Adams, has already proved successful with several large food and drink manufacturers. Beardow Adams explains that the product is a V-Label and FDA-approved packaging adhesive that’s ideal for case and carton sealing, as it’s guaranteed to perform well on plain, coated or corrugated card.

BAMFutura 43VE offers the very same qualities as the BAMFutura 43 adhesive, but is vegan. It is a metallocene-based product that contains no animal-derived substances.

The stability and clean running properties of BAMFutura 43VE make it an ideal adhesive to deliver significant commercial benefits to customers, including maximised manufacturing efficiencies, an improved end product and a better production environment. Both grades are water white, low odour, versatile packaging adhesives, designed to retain bond integrity at both high and low temperatures.

As people are becoming more vegan-aware, change can happen rather quickly. With more people taking up veganism, consumers’ buying habits have changed, which has propelled companies into action. Between 2012 and 2016, there was a 185% increase in the number of vegan products launched in the UK.

In order to meet the standards of customers seeking a product that adheres to the principles of veganism, manufacturers are now having to purchase or produce vegan adhesives to package and sell these products. These adhesives, however, must be made with adaptions to production scheduling, such as clear out procedures to minimise cross-contamination.

Beardow Adams’ adhesives are manufactured using state of the art machinery in an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified and BRC accredited environment.

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