A connection that won't let go 15 September 2021

To reduce the time involved in setting up equipment and production lines, Ganter has incorporated a new coupling in its product portfolio. With the GN 1050 quick release coupling, components can be quickly and securely connected to a machine or device with just a click.

Quick release couplings are frequently used in events to rapidly set up and take down stage equipment. Germany-based Otto Ganter GmbH & Co. KG, a standard parts specialist, recognised that this advantage could be leveraged for industrial applications and adapted the proven functional principle to this context.

The quick release fastener consists of two elements - the coupling GN 1050 and the tailored threaded stud GN 1050.1. A safety locking button protects the coupling from being accidentally opened. When pressing the button, the sleeve can be moved axially to unlock a stud inserted into the notch on the inside. At the same time, a red ring becomes visible on the outside to indicate the unlocked state.

The studs can be purchased individually, allowing several studs to be used with one coupling. Different devices can then be appropriately positioned depending on the workpiece. The couplings and studs can be fastened by a threaded stud (type A) or an internal thread (type I). The flange GN 1050.2, which evenly distributes force, allows further attachment options.

The quick release coupling is offered by Ganter in two different designs: Version F has a fixed bearing for precisely positioned attachment. Version L with a loose bearing permitting a certain degree of tolerance between the fastening points.

The quick release coupling comes standard in black anodized aluminium and possesses a locking mechanism made of zinc plated steel. The high quality materials and surface finishes effectively protect against corrosion and wear and sustain axial connection loads up to 35kN. Other individual combinations of materials and colours can be produced by Ganter in accordance with the customer’s wishes. Moreover, other sizes and designs of the quick release couplings are planned.

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