What does the rise of the wind and renewable energy sector mean? 01 July 2019

The rise of the wind industry and renewable energy sector hasn’t gone unnoticed. The growth in popularity over the last decade has increased throughout the whole market, creating an increase in wind turbine products and tools.

A declining climate plus greater awareness of the environment has introduced growing concerns across the globe, actively leading to an influence in the renewable energy and wind sector. The global wind power market is due to increase by a further 18% by 2023 with a £17 billion investment gain.

Impressively, the UK is a leader in offshore wind and due to its credibility in the industry, it’s important that UK businesses maintain high safety standards with enforced measurements. Wind turbines are inherently hazardous, with the possibility of fires, dangerous heights and uncomfortable weather conditions, so it’s vital that health and safety is at the forefront of standards.

Wind Tensioners play a vital part in assisting safety measures across all wind farms, so building premium quality tools is key in preventing risks from occurring during the installation and maintenance of operations. Due to this, companies are producing advanced technical products and expanding their training services.

The HTL Group, a controlled bolting company, headquartered in the North East of England, has acknowledged this surge in wind and renewable energy by establishing the ‘Tensioner Centre of Excellence’ in the West Midlands.

“We’ve seen the demand for wind power increase and with it the need for wind turbine installations, this in-turn puts companies under pressure to work harder and smarter. Here at HTL, it seemed only natural to offer UK designed and manufactured wind tensioners for bolting operations in the construction, installation and maintenance of wind turbines,” comments Stephen Jones, CEO at HTL Group.

Due to the diversity and variation of wind turbines it’s important to produce bolting tools which accommodate all variants. Most wind tensioners are produced with standard features such as Stroke Limit Indicator, however, HTL’s focus on the ever-growing wind industry lends itself ideally to safety features in their products.

By offering enhanced usability that includes Port Safety Guards and Cycle Counter, the in-house designed tensioners provide extra durability and security for operation. These innovative features demonstrate that HTL has recognised the growth in the wind and renewable energy sector and the necessity to meet and exceed the wind industry’s high safety standards.

The growth in the wind and renewable energy sector demonstrates a greater need for advanced improvements in wind turbine technologies and products, making HTL’s innovative new products a must in all businesses involved in servicing the wind energy sector.

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