Vertical design and optimised weight-to-power ratio 14 January 2020

ITH designs, produces, and sells hydraulic, pneumatic, and electric bolt tensioning tools for tightening and loosening industrial bolt connections from M16 (3/8 inches) and up. Its newly launched ITH Hydro-DAX V-Series is for hydraulic torque wrenches and general purpose hydraulic jacks of all brands up to 850 bar (12,330 psi).

The vertical design gives the new hydraulic pump - ITH Hydro-DAX V-series their name because it offers many advantages when working with hydraulic torque wrenches or general purpose hydraulic jacks of all brands, such as the usable oil volume increasing, and the weight and dimensions being reduced significantly.

The optimised motor drive concept and continuous development of the high pressure hydraulic components, enables the usable oil volumes to be increased significantly during multi-staged oil pressure build-up. ITH says its maximum operating pressure of 850 bar (12,330 psi) is the highest in the market sector.

Both factors are the reason for a faster pressure build-up when powering hydraulic torque wrenches of all brands. “These design factors have led to one of the best weight-to-power ratios in this market sector for high-pressure pumps,” says Dipl. Ing Frank Hohmann, president of ITH Bolting Technology.

The Hydro-DAX V-series has undergone several multi-stress examinations in the ITH temperature laboratory of the ITH headquarters – one of the biggest competence centres in bolting technology bigger than M16 (3/8 inches).

Using different simulation set-ups – with temperature environments from -20°C to +40°C (-4°F to 104°F) and varying bolt dimensions – the Hydro-DAX V-series was tested in terms of material, performance and temperature behaviour.

“The examinations show very good results during both long-term testing and performance-peaks” says Dipl. Ing Jörg Hohmann who leads the global leading system supplier ITH together with his brother Dipl.Ing Frank Hohmann.

The robust multi-ribbed aluminium oil tank and electric fan wheel guarantee a stable temperature exchange. The fan runs constantly to maximise cooling, even when no pressure is built. For working environments with constant high temperatures or for very high cycles, there is an option to add an extra oil cooler. These features make the Hydro-DAX V-series ready for use on international sites.

ITH Hydro-DAX V-series is compatible with hydraulic torque wrenches of all brands with single hose and dual hose systems up to a pressure of max 850 bar (12,330 psi). Furthermore, the V-series can power general-purpose hydraulic jacks of all brands: The concept of the hydraulic components enables the V-series to hold hydraulic jacks in an extended status when pressurised.

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