Self-sealing fastening without chemistry 16 May 2014

APM Hexseal Corp says that whenever secure sealing under pressure, as well as fastening, is required, its dry embedded sealing fastener (with optional thread locking) has been the choice for manufacturers and users for more than half a century.

APM’s dry embedded O-ring sealing fastener technology prevents fluid/gas fastener leakage that originates from within, as well as seepage from external contaminants, providing a reliable, adjustable sealing barrier. Unlike the liquid sealing method, APM’s dry embedded sealing O-ring is a one step process. The APM sealing method does not require prepping, curing or applying other chemicals. 

APM Hexseal - Wet vs Dry characteristics and benefits

In addition physical contact, inhalation and hazardous waste disposal is no longer a concern because there are no chemicals required during installation.

APM’s self-sealing screws/bolts provide a complete 360°, metal to metal, full clamping contact. The O-ring (different materials available) sits in an asymmetrical, protective groove located under the head of the screw/bolt. APM says that its technique provides maximum sealing up to 20,000 psig/vacuum and sustains harsh environment operating temperatures from -160°F to 500°F (-106°C to higher than 260°C). The stainless steel fasteners can be reused easily multiple times without appreciable O-ring degradation. 

APM’s self-sealing fasteners can be found throughout many industries including oil and gas, marine and offshore, food and chemical processing plants, construction, mining, and laboratories of all kinds. They are appropriate for use in any application, indoors or outdoors, that requite high pressure wash down and where exposure to the elements and extreme temperatures are present.

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