Reliable and corrosion resistant 03 November 2022

JW Winco has expanded its selection of standard parts, manufactured with AISI 316L (A4) stainless steel, to include threaded plugs, magnetic plugs and robust oil sight glasses for hydraulics. The new products have been specially designed for highly corrosive environments.

The new fluid fill/drain plugs offered by JW Winco, Inc ensure better protection against corrosion thanks to the AISI 316L (A4) stainless steel which the products are made from. The plugs, which are intended for especially corrosive environments, such as offshore applications or situations with exposure to salt or brine, are available for thread from M14 to M33 and G¼ to G1. The screws have an embedded seal of fluorine rubber that is secured against loss or overloading. To minimise errors, they also have icons on the front side that clearly indicate whether the opening is for filling or draining.

JW Winco has also added magnetic plugs to its portfolio. The magnetic plugs appear similar to the fluid fill/drain plugs, except they have an integrated bar magnet that extends into the fluid to reliably capture any iron particles that could damage gears or other vital components.

Also designed for offshore applications, Winco is introducing fluid sight glasses as an addition to the variants of aluminium, brass and plastic already offered in the company range. The AISI 316L (A4) stainless steel design offers higher corrosion resistance. Additionally, the sight glass is inserted into the steel body using a special thermal process. During cooling, the glass shrinks to create a completely hermetic seal.

This level of pre-tensioning, Winco states, makes it almost indestructible. In turn, this allows the oil sight glass to withstand higher pressures. Burst tests have shown that, depending on the temperature, the parts only fail at pressures above 400 bar. When using an FPM seal, the product can withstand temperatures up to 356 °F (180 °C); with a copper seal, temperatures as high as 572 °F (300 °C) are withstood.

Notches integrated into the chemically resistant glass give a reliable indication to the current liquid level. Lastly, the product improves operational reliability since its sight glass will not burst spontaneously. Instead, it signals overloading with the formation of easily discernible small cracks, therefore allowing time to replace the oil sight glass before it fails.

JW Winco offers the sight glass in standard sizes, from M16 to M42 and G⅜ to G1¼. Other thread diameters are available on request.

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