New torque tools from HAZET 29 October 2015

HAZET-WERK Hermann Zerver GmbH & Co KG has introduced a new range of electronic torque/angle wrenches, which cover a torque display range of 5Nm – 400Nm.

Available in three models – each with a ‘basic’ and ‘top’ version – the torque measurement ranges from 10Nm – 100Nm, 20Nm – 200Nm and 40Nm – 400Nm respectively.

HAZET says the ‘basic’ model versions measure torque with an accuracy of ±2% / ±1 digit and rotation angles with a maximum deviation of ±2% / ±1°. The ‘top’ version has double the measuring accuracy with torque ±1% / ±1 digit, and rotation angle ±1% / 1°.

The measurement result is shown in a display with 13mm high figures, and can be read easily from any working position as the display can rotate through 180°. The user can adjust the wrench via a simple menu in English or German and can choose to display in Nm or lbf.ft. Additional menu languages, including Italian and French, are available in the ‘top’ versions of the wrenches.

An audible signal increasing in volume and a vibration in the handle, as well as an LED display with ‘traffic light’ function, gives the user threefold security when performing screwing operations. The ‘basic’ wrenches enable up to 100 measurements including date and time to be saved and recalled at any time. The ‘top’ versions enable up to 2,000 measurements and programming options for the rotation angle and torque control can be extended. Parameter sets and workflows can also be entered.

The tools also feature energy saving options in the form of a safety on/off function, as well as an automatic standby function. The menu can also be locked using a numerical code to protect against unauthorised adjustment.
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