Lock quickly and securely 23 January 2024

The new snap fasteners from norelem are suitable for a wide variety of applications – thanks to their flush installation, they require little space, are quick to install and easy to handle – a convenient solution for securely closing hoods, flaps or doors on boats or cars, for example.

norelem has snap fasteners in various designs in its range, made of stainless steel and plastic, with folding handles, a recessed button or as a snap-in version. Bowden cables and triggers are also available. All snap fasteners can be closed by pressing; depending on the version, and can be opened by pulling, pushing or turning. The range includes a total of six different variants.

Snap locks with foldable handle

The snap locks with handle are available from norelem in three versions – made of stainless steel with a foldable handle, made of stainless steel with a foldable handle and Bowden cable connection (for distanced operation) and made of plastic with a foldable handle. They are available in two different sizes for different door leaf thicknesses, and thanks to their recessed handle they can be installed flush in doors, flaps and hoods, for example. The handle is also pre-tensioned, which prevents it from rattling during use. All closures are also available with a built-in lock.

Snap-in snap fasteners

The snap-in plastic snap fasteners with handle are ideal when there is little space and can be installed without tools. By pushing the handle, the lock is brought into the open position, so the door can be opened and automatically secured again when pressed shut thanks to the stainless steel spring. The snap-in snap fasteners are available in three different sizes for different door leaf thicknesses.

Snap fasteners with a button

norelem also offers plastic snap fasteners with a recessed button. In one variant, the button can be rotated, which provides additional security. Both versions are opened by pressing the button so that it extends. To open the object, pull the lock or turn the button and to close it, simply press it again until the snap lock clicks into place.

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