Fast curing for plastics technology 23 January 2023

Weicon, based in Münster, Germany, has developed a new clear two-component cyanoacrylate adhesive. Suitable for boat and ship construction, metal and vehicle construction, as well as mechanical engineering and plastics technology, the adhesive has a multitude of applications.

The new adhesive, Weicon VA 2407, is suitable for bonding a wide variety of materials, such as polycarbonate and other plastics, steel, aluminium, ceramics, glass and rubber. Thanks to its colourless appearance, it can be used for structural bonding where a coloured adhesive joint would disturb the overall visual impression of the component.

The hybrid adhesive is based, in part, on cyanoacrylate adhesives and combines their speed with the process reliability of a 2-component structural adhesive. VA 2407 can be used universally, has high adhesion strength and possesses fast curing times.

VA 2407 can also be sanded and recoated approximately 25 minutes after curing. It is resistant to weathering, many aggressive chemicals, impact stress and vibration. The adhesive is temperature-resistant, from -20°C to +120°C. Additionally, depending on the geometry of the bond, gaps of up to 5mm can be bridged with VA 2407.

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