TENZ® wood building screw 17 January 2019

TENZ® states that its world innovation in fastening technology, the TENZ® wood building screw, means users can screw in quickly, reliably and with precision – resulting in lower screwing effort and power demand.

Featuring TENZ® Stairs thread technology, the TENZ® wood building screw helps significantly reduce friction and thus screwing resistance, as well as being very gentle on materials, tools and users in timber construction.

TENZ points out that the technology was specifically developed for use in timber construction, with the aim of achieving better performance with every screw and providing the possibility to create projects in an entirely new way from the ground up. “When placing the first screw, users may not notice much of a difference, but they will when placing the hundredth and that includes differences in the utilisation capacity of existing equipment.”

“Now, users can place even more screws with one battery charge than ever before – an entirely new starting point for projects,” comments TENZ. “With our Augmented Reality App, the product advantages can be experienced live by users, meaning the screw can be presented in a completely new way.”

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