Starlock®: Push on – done 15 August 2018

Trade and industry are increasingly discovering a system for fixing or securing components to metal or plastic axles, shafts or cylindrical pins that is both simple and compelling. Just push on and it’s done – this is what TITGEMEYER promises with its extensive range of Starlock® push-on fasteners.

Once fixed in position, significant force is needed to remove the fastener. Push-on fasteners were designed to fit over round and square axles and shafts. The various products are available in diameters ranging from 1.5mm to 25mm or sizes from 1/16 inches to 1 inch.

Standard push-on fasteners are made of spring steel with a varnished or zinc-plated finish. Stainless steel versions are used where corrosion is a specific issue. Push-on fasteners can also be supplied with a decorative cap and in numerous customised solutions. Their very flexible production enables the creation of bespoke designs, such as very high strength fasteners, special geometric variants and staining options for plastic caps.

Installation requires nothing more than a basic hand tool and minimal application of force. By contrast, far greater force is needed to remove them, thus ensuring that the component remains permanently fixed. The time savings make for a more efficient production process and more economical production.

TITGEMEYER points out that Starlock® push-on fasteners are quick and easy to install and offer significant benefits compared to other fastening systems. Automated installation is also possible. Here, cycle times, the feed and the precision needed to maintain the same levels of quality throughout are possible through the automated installation workstations – TITGEMEYER’S TIOS APS.

Starlock push-on fasteners have long since become the standard in the automotive industry. They are also used in medical equipment and are equally indispensable in conveyor systems or transport aids, air conditioning and ventilation systems, as well as heating systems. The list of industries employing Starlocks as a more economical alternative is growing all the time. These include the electronics and electrical industries, air conditioning and insulation technology, the aviation and aerospace industries, as well as the household goods, leisure and toy industries.

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