Rivit fastening blind rivets 23 August 2018

GTRERIV rivets with gaskets, from Rivit Srl, are entirely made of an aluminium alloy (body and mandrel) and have been designed for the building sector.

Featuring a neoprene gasket inserted under the head, Rivit mentions that GTRERIV rivets guarantee excellent resistance to weathering, especially to infiltrations caused by rain, thanks to the integrated gasket. The high impermeability, combined with an excellent fastening force, makes the GTRERIV suitable for roofing fastening installations, in particular to fix the brackets that support the photovoltaic solar panels on corrugated sheets and sandwich panels.

The placement of this rivet is fast and easy, and from one side only. The mandrel, firmly locked, ensures solid and resistant joints, as it breaks flush with the surface. The three large pressure wings distribute the clamping force evenly over a large area of the surface, so even the soft, thin, flexible or fragile materials can be safely riveted without destroying or damaging the surface.

GTRERIV rivets are available in different diameters and lengths including 5.2mm, 6.3mm, and 7.7mm, dome or large head, for different grip ranges. Recommended tools for installing GTRERIVs are the battery powered RIV750 and RIV760.

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