Earnest Machine adds metric hex head cap screws 07 February 2019

Earnest Machine is now offering DIN spec metric hex head cap screws in response to increased demand in the marketplace.

“ISO metric hex head cap screws have been part of our product line for years,” said Kirk Zehnder, CEO of Earnest Machine. “However, we’re seeing a rise in the demand for metric product, due to globalization and the increase of imported heavy equipment. Many repairs now call for metric pieces.”

Earnest Machine will carry metric product made to the DIN spec, which is the German national standard. Fasteners will be made to the DIN 931 and 933 spec, in fine and coarse threads, property classes 8.8 and 10.9, and plain and zinc clear trivalent finishes. Zehnder said the company will also offer a variety of value-added services, including custom plating, drilling and slotting rework, broken case quantities, kitting and packaging, and branded drop shipping.

Metric products are needed in a variety of projects and industries including heavy equipment, agriculture, heavy truck, and so on. As the global economy shows more of a shift toward metric, the need for metric product becomes more acute.

“While DIN spec products are not required for projects, it is understood that German-engineering standards yield the highest quality product,” said Zehnder. “These pieces are made from the strictest standards, so when you hear that a fastener is made to the DIN spec, you can trust this part will have lasting power.”

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