A unique alternative in assemblies 25 October 2019

PennEngineering has launched the new microPEM® ClampDisk™ press-on fastener, designed as a unique alternative in assemblies for the automotive electronics and consumer electronics markets.

The ClampDisk™ micro fastener delivers a fast, simple way to achieve sheet-to-sheet clamped attachment while replacing the use of standard screws, nuts, and adhesives. This innovative technology reduces the risk of installation issues that are often experienced during the assembly process when traditional fasteners are used. The most common challenges that can be eliminated or reduced by using ClampDisk include over installation, cross threading, stripped screw heads, broken screws, and damaged product.

Ideal for micro/targeted applications in automotive electronics and consumer electronics assemblies PennEngineering says this is the first micro fastener of its kind on the market at this size/shape, installs onto a pin or cast post and can be used to replace a number of welded screw, nut, or adhesive assemblies. The ClampDisk can also be easily removed with a sharp-edged tool and has a tamper resistant design.

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