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Optimas announces partnership with TVR

19th September 2017
Since it was announced that the new owners of TVR would be teaming up with road car design legend, Gordon Murray, to launch an all new sports car, the motoring community has been waiting for details. The wait was finally over at this year's Goodwood Revival – TVR officially unveiled its 200mph+ supercar to the world. On a day of announcements, it was also confirmed that Optimas Solutions will prov…

SPIROL receives award at two manufacturing facilities

18th September 2017
Two of SPIROL International Corporation’s manufacturing locations have received the 2016 General Motors Supplier Quality Excellence Award for achieving operational excellence and quality control. This is SPIROL Canada’s fifth year and SPIROL Connecticut’s third year receiving this prestigious award. According to the letter sent by General Motors notifying SPIROL of the awards: “The award is given…

Why Adhesive tape is the future of the automotive sector

15th September 2017
The planned ban on petrol and diesel car sales by 2040 will change the automotive industry landscape, however companies like tesa say they are already positioned to support manufacturers. Whilst the announcement of petrol and diesel vehicles being banned in Britain by 2040 was met with scepticism in some quarters, it cannot be denied that change is on the horizon, especially when environment secre…

Fastener specialists prepare to meet their supply chain

14th September 2017
Fastener specialists are essential to advanced engineering. The precision of ensuring all fasteners are fixed into place is at the heart of high-performance engines and body manufacturing, from automotive to aerospace and beyond. Advanced Engineering 2017 has become the hub for a variety of sectors that rely on advanced engineering. The Show takes place on 1-2 November, at the NEC, Birmingham, …

JJ Churchill saves time and money by incorporating 3D printing

13th September 2017
3D printing has enabled JJ Churchill to reduce the time it takes to prepare fixtures by 70% in its CMM quality inspection process, and lower costs by 50%. The company worked in partnership with HK3D to produce the fixtures, which are being used for an OEM in the aerospace industry. The fixture was needed to hold the components in the most effective orientation for the CMM and needed to deliver …

Maintenance free solutions

12th September 2017
Here Dr-Ing Hans-Albert Städler, customer engineering director Europe at Arconic Fastening Systems and Rings, looks at what the term ‘maintenance free’ truly means and the importance of providing maintenance free solutions. For Arconic Fastening Systems & Rings what does the term ‘maintenance free’ mean?Defining ‘maintenance free’ varies depending on which industrial sector Arconic is suppl…

TR Fastenings enters world of interactive product animations

11th September 2017
TR Fastenings is upgrading its online product catalogue with the introduction of exclusive new 3D models and animations to its website, which will allow users to move the product images around to see how they are installed and used with other materials or components. This project began in 2016 and so far, there are 126 interactive animations and 592 interactive product models online. TR will be…

New super-fast curing SMD adhesive

8th September 2017
Specially designed for attaching SMDs on circuit boards, Panacol has developed new fast curing epoxy adhesive Structalit® 5610. Due to its high viscosity, the adhesive is well-suited for screen printing. The new adhesive will be first shown at this years’s Productronica in Munich. Structalit 5610 is a red-colored epoxy adhesive which makes a perfect contrast to green circuit boards. The one-com…

Worldwide supply chain management

7th September 2017
Optimas has been providing integrated supply chain management and engineering support services for over 30 years and the only thing that’s changed is the number of continents where its clients can be found.Optimas works with manufacturers and tier suppliers of all sizes with countless specialties. It prides itself on developing long lasting partnerships that evolve as its customer grows. An exa…

Calculating endplay take-up for beveled retaining rings

6th September 2017
First published: 1st July 2014 By Jeffrey Finkernagel, technical sales engineer, Rotor Clip Company Inc Ref: FFT141407/40 In many assemblies, dimensional tolerances in ring thickness, groove location or the overall length of the components being retained add up to a degree of clearance, or endplay between the abutting surfaces of the ring and retained part. Click here to download