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SENCO provides Smart Solutions

22nd November 2017
With a growing economy and a lack of skilled workers it is time to work SMARTER. SENCO’s innovative Smart Series tools offer simple and smart solutions varying from entry level automation to high load fastening systems embedded in fully automated production lines.  The Smart BoardFixer is the ideal tool to improve ergonomics in production environments with set distances, 75mm or 150mm, from the…

SCIGRIP advanced adhesives for marine applications

21st November 2017
SCIGRIP recently exhibited at the METSTRADE show in November, presenting a tailored range of structural, methacrylate adhesives (MMAs) that offer strength, robustness and ease of use for boat and shipbuilders with a range of cure times for large and small bonding applications. As was presented at the show, typical marine applications include bonding large composite parts such as hull to deck jo…

Augmented reality to complement torque technology

20th November 2017
STAHLWILLE, the German torque tool and handtools specialist, is introducing computerisation to handtool technology.  Together with oculavis, a firm based in Aachen, the enterprise has developed a prototype of a smart visor that will safely guide an end user through a wide range of different joints. The system is capable of reducing the learning phase to a minimum and accelerating the fastener t…

From experience comes innovation

17th November 2017
For more than 60 years, customer satisfaction has been a primary purpose for OBER® SpA. Its know-how, and significant investment in industrial automation research, has enabled the company to become an expert in the production
and selling 
of professional pneumatic and electronic tools, as well as pneumatic motors and automation tools. OBER’s experience enables it to propose innovative solutions…

NORMA Group recognized as Supplier of the Year by Ahlsell

16th November 2017
NORMA Group has been named Supplier of the Year by Ahlsell Norway AS (Ahlsell Norway), a leading distributor of water management solutions. The award recognised NORMA Group’s distribution services in Sweden for its outstanding customer support and marketing activities within the Norwegian market. Frank Stümpel, vice president EMEA Distribution Services at NORMA Group, said: “The award shows tha…

The case for structural blind fasteners in automotive applications

15th November 2017
Published: 15th November 2017 By Graham Musgrove, product engineer, Arconic Fastening Systems and Rings Ref: FFT171115 The call for lightweighting has led to significant advancements in how we design and construct vehicles. Technology gains have resulted in new and exciting possibilities, but they have also created unique problem sets. The move toward increased aluminium usage in vehicles in on…

It’s Time to Torque ISO 6789-2:2017

14th November 2017
Having been named as the first laboratory in the world to be accredited to perform calibrations on hand torque tools to the newly revised EN ISO 6789-2:2017 standard, here, Neill Brodey, managing director at Norbar Torque Tools, takes the opportunity to outline the key changes, and what they mean for manufacturers and tool users alike. The EN ISO 6789:2003 divided requirements into three sectio…

Fastening safety solutions for heavy vibrations

13th November 2017
Gala Precision Engineering Pvt Ltd is an Asian manufacturer of disc springs - offering solutions for heavy vibration applications for power equipment, wind turbines, hydro generators, machine tools, off highway vehicles, hydraulic brakes and automotive. Gala Precision has over three decades of experience in springs design, manufacturing and application engineering for a complete range of spring…

Securing the maintenance hatch for offshore wind energy plants

10th November 2017
KVT-Fastening points out that in many new offshore wind energy plants, the maintenance hatches now consist of composite materials secured with bigHead fasteners. Until now, steel constructions with traditional retaining screws have been used.  The disadvantage of retaining screws was that two people were always required to open and close the hatch - one inside and one outside. This not only inv…

Aluminium: Endless benefits, versatile use

9th November 2017
Aluminium is lightweight, strong, recyclable and the most abundant metal on Earth - but there’s a lot to keep in mind when you use it. Here Nord-Lock Group gives us its best advice on how to join aluminium parts with bolted joints. Aluminium has dominated the aerospace industry for over half a century. In the last 10 years, other industries also started turning to this miracle metal. According …