Safe access to electronic equipment 16 September 2021

The new RH series from ELESA offers a rugged and elegantly simple electrical cut-off for the safe opening of access panels on machine tools.

This is achieved with an IP65 pushbutton interlock in a single or twin button configuration. FG16 variants feature electronic buttons while FG18 are pneumatic. On the electrical handles, an emergency stop button version is available, as well as a plain handle version to compliment for use elsewhere.

RH handles are designed in a bridge or pull-handle configuration and are suited to installation on cabinets, machine tools, moulding machines or other processing equipment in food or petrochemical plant.

Tubular handles in the RH series are available in stainless steel (FG-16), in aluminium and Technopolymer (FG-18) so they may be used in laboratory or electronic assembly applications where their safety, style and comfortable use are appreciated by users.

Operation of the safety interlock is achieved by the push buttons, which are connected to the machine control system via a solenoid which operates the safety cut-off (FG-16). The door latching mechanism is only then released when all the equipment has been brought to a safe condition.

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