Quality riveters to place rivet nuts 10 March 2017

Rivit Srl is known in Italy and abroad as a leading company in the production and distribution of fastening systems and related tools for sheet metal working, including the newly released RIV906 ratchet hand tool for rivet nuts and the RIV916 hydropneumatic riveter.

Designed to place RIVSERT female rivet nuts from M5 to M12 and RIVBOLT male rivet nuts from M5 to M8, the top lever of the RIV906 can be used as a support and the lower one can be used to place the rivet nut quickly and with little effort.

RIV906 is also equipped with a quick system for the replacement of the tie rod, to speed up the interchanging of different sizes.

The new hydropneumatic riveter RIV916 was designed to place Tubriv and Jackriv rivet nuts from M4 to M10. The tool has a long stroke - needed when placing special rivet nuts. It is lightweight and has easy handling, along with an easy stroke regulation. It is also fitted with a one phase trigger mechanism.

Established in 1973, Rivit Srl has over 40 years of experience developing a comprehensive range of fasteners for industry such as blind rivets, rivet nuts, self-clinching, welding studs, blind bolts, latches, cage nuts, clamps, steel/stainless steel and plastic screws.