Pre-applied coatings for the future 19 October 2016

For almost 30 years now, TECNOLOGIC 3® has been producing and applying innovative products and systems (adhesive, sealing and self-locking agents) for locking threaded parts, used in a wide range of sectors. 

TECNOLOGIC 3® states that its products significantly increase the quality and functionality of fixings by comparison with ordinary mechanical fixing systems. The advantage of TECNOLOGIC 3 is that it mixes and produces all the systems that it applies in-house using a unique business model that also requires the use of its own tools and machines. This enables the company to derive the maximum benefit from the product characteristics and guarantee customers an outstanding quality and service.
All TECNOLOGIC 3 products have a special advantage in that they are water-based and contain no solvents. They are also included in the IMDS (International Material Data System), meet the new EC (RoSH) and REACH Directives, and are protected by comprehensive international patents.
The adhesive systems (heavy and medium duty pre-applied locking agents), lock and seal any screwed connection. They can be applied to all types of metal and some plastic materials. During screwing and tightening of the threaded parts, the microcapsules break up and are distributed between the external and internal threads. When polymerisation is complete, the product achieves its maximum locking and sealing action, providing outstanding resistance to loosening, stress and vibration.
TECNOLOGIC 3’s sealants can be applied to any threaded connection (cylindrical/cylindrical and cylindrical/conical), to any types of metal and most plastic materials. While the threaded parts are being coupled together, the sealant is distributed, eliminating inference between the screw threads, guaranteeing a strong seal.
Finally, the pre-applied self-locking product renders any self-locking and sealing threaded connection adjustable and reusable. While the threaded parts are being screwed together, TECNOFREN® – which exploits the elastic deformation properties of polyamide – is distributed between external and internal threads, eliminated the spaces between the threads, increasing metal-to-metal contact and exerting strong, long-lasting resistance against loosening and vibration.
“The company’s philosophy and strategy is based on excellent service to the client, seeking to limit environmental impact by the production and application of water-based products,” explains TECNOLOGIC 3. “Every production and application process is designed to safeguard the environment.”
Now, having consolidated its presence in Italy, and gained the confidence and loyalty of major local clients, TECNOLOGIC 3 is launching itself on the international market, offering its products and application systems to the world’s major players. This model requires the use of machinery designed and produced by TECNOLOGIC 3 in-house for maximum efficiency and product performance.  


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