New UV adhesive with low halogen content 07 February 2020

With Vitralit® UC 1536 Panacol is launching another low-halogen UV adhesive for the electronics industry. Due to its low ion-content, it is ideal for semiconductor production. The new very stable, high-gloss, transparent adhesive cures within a few seconds.

The adhesive Vitralit® UC 1536 is an epoxy-based adhesive, which hardens very quickly under UV-light. Due to its high viscosity, it is particularly suitable for applications that require dimensional stability within the production process.

When exposed to light energy in the UVA range from 320Nm to 390Nm, Vitralit UC 1536 adhesive can be cured within seconds. Panacol offers a broad line of suitable curing devices from Dr Hönle that can create customised solutions for the processing of Vitralit UC 1536. UV bonding and curing solutions are available for every application from a single source.

Vitralit UC 1536 cures to an optically clear and high gloss surface, which is very hard and scratch resistant. Even at high operating temperature, the adhesive remains very clear and keeps its transparent brilliance. Characterised with a very low ion-content, Vitralit UC 1536 is ideally suitable for semiconductors. A very successful application for this adhesive involves bonding glass lenses to CMOS sensors.

Panacol-Elosol GmbH, a member of the global Hoenle group, is an international supplier of adhesives with an extensive product range that includes UV curable adhesives, structural adhesives, and conductive adhesives. Panacol is also a reliable provider of UV processing systems, supported by Dr. Hoenle AG. Hoenle is a global manufacturer of industrial UV curing devices and systems.

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