New adhesive for power semiconductors 10 June 2020

DELO has developed the new MONOPOX TC2270 electronic adhesive which is both thermally conductive and electrically insulating, whilst also ensuring fast heat transfer and long-term reliable operation of semiconductors in power electronics.

The new electronic adhesive is a one component, heat curing epoxy resin. It has a ceramic filler aluminium nitride, which provides a high thermal conductivity of 1.7W/(m∙K) (measured by the criteria of ASTM D5470) which also makes the MONOPOX TC2270 comparable with silver filled isotropic conductive adhesives (ICA).

DELO explains that a key advantage of MONOPOX TC2270 over other ICAs is that it provides electrical insulation. Using the new electronic adhesive additionally allows proportionate component costs to be reduced. As well as this, after standardised humidity tests, MONOPOX TC2270 shows good strength.

To enable the bonding of temperature sensitive assemblies and prevent them from damage, the adhesive has been designed with a chemical system that ensures the final strength is reached after 90 minutes at a curing temperature of 60°C, or 15 minutes when curing at 80°C.

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