MultiSeal® Pro sealing tape for electronic applications 26 August 2019

Eurobond says its MultiSeal® Pro sealing tape is ideal for sealing and bonding frames on LCD TV’s, computer monitors, laptops, touch screen display bonding (in kiosks) and LCD displays, electronics enclosures and panels, electronic instrumentation and sensor equipment, and has many advantages over using liquid adhesives.

MultiSeal® Pro is easy to apply with no waste material. It offers an even bond line around the whole joint, it’s easy to cost against each product manufactured and has no shelf life or storage issues. Because of its outstanding cushioning properties it can also be used as an anti-rattle and vibration dampening tape in many other applications in the automotive and transportation industries.

MultiSeal Pro is a high grade nano closed-cell, polyurethane pressure sensitive adhesive tape, developed specifically for sealing/bonding and or cushioning applications in the electronics, automotive and white goods manufacturing industries.

MultiSeal Pro sealing tapes are reinforced with a 50 micron thick polyester film giving the tape high dimensional stability, supported by high cohesive strength, high moisture resistance and exceptional performance over a large temperature range. The reinforcing film also allows the seal to be removed, leaving no adhesive or residue on the substrate surface, making it ideal for repair or reworking applications.

The sealing tapes can be supplied in a roll format or as bespoke die cut shapes to your specific application. They are coated with either a single side or double-sided acrylic adhesive.

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