Manufacturer relies on Born2Bond 13 February 2023

Here, Intertronics outlines how it assisted a wearable electronic device manufacturer by providing a solution which enabled the bonding of polycarbonate in a tracking component.

The manufacturer was using a cured silicone material for a fitness tracking component. While cured silicone was chosen because it addressed skin contact requirements, bonding it to polycarbonate was seemingly impossible due to its low surface energy. The company tried many leading adhesive technologies currently available on the market and invested significant time and resources to solving the problem. However, nothing worked for their manual application processes.   

After trialling Born2BondTM products across multiple departments, the company agreed that the Ultra HV kit provided reliable adhesion compared to other technologies they had tried. In addition to bonding the initial component together, the kit offered high bond performance for other component assembly applications.

Through this trial, the Ultra HV kit was able to solve the manufacturer’s initial bonding problem while also opening up the opportunity for other design and bonding possibilities not previously considered. This is because the Ultra HV kit is based on a fast bonding, formulated instant adhesive technology designed specifically for challenging assembly needs.  

Since implementing the Born2Bond Ultra HV kit across company production lines, the manufacturer has been able to enhance the product’s aesthetics due to the low-blooming characteristics on black substrates. Production capacity also saw improvements thanks to the 15-second fixture time, significantly reducing work-in-progress parts.

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