LAPP introduces new power connector 31 May 2022

LAPP says its new EPIC® POWER connector with M12L coding is the smallest M12L connector available on the market and is particularly powerful with up to 16A, making it ideal for small robots and AGVs.

The mechanical L coding of the connector face prevents incorrect plugging with the mating connector. Crimp termination creates a vibration proof connection, provides maximum contact protection between the contact and cable and is suitable for automated assembly. When connected and locked, protection class IP 65/67 and IP69 can be achieved.

The new connector is also available as a 4-pin variant with black insulation and as a 4+FE variant with grey insulation and functional earthing contact (FE).

Other additions are available to suit the EPIC® POWER M12L series: an EPIC® POWER M12L D6 coupling connector, an EPIC® POWER M12L G4 panel mount base, an EPIC® POWER M12L F6 cable connector and the EPIC® POWER M12L A4 panel mount base.  All variants are also available with solder contacts as an option. There are also EPIC® POWER M12L contacts with multiple slots and marking of the conductor cross-section to ensure maximum contact from the plug connection.

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