Intertronics offers new conveniently packaged potting compound 13 August 2021

A new IRS 3078 polyurethane potting compound is now available from adhesives and dispensing equipment specialist Intertronics complementing the company’s extensive range of materials and equipment for electronics bonding, potting, coating and encapsulating.

IRS 3078 polyurethane potting compound is a semi-rigid, room temperature curing and electrically insulating black polyurethane potting compound. The material, which is low viscosity, semi-thixotropic and flowable, is available in convenient side-by-side double syringe cartridges. It offers high adhesion, good electrical insulation properties and high impact resistance, with a resilient Shore D 65 hardness. It may also be used as a low viscosity adhesive.

The IRS3078-50KIT contains everything needed to mix and dispense the material - a 50ml cartridge of epoxy, a syringe gun and three static mixing nozzles. The material has a 0.90:1 mix ratio by weight, a 1:1 mix ratio by volume and a viscosity of 2,000mPas. Its working life is six minutes at room temperature. It is ideal for product evaluations or small quantity users in a range of applications including potting and encapsulating electronic assemblies, bonding of dissimilar materials and sealing road studs.

“We recognise that every customer, and every application is different,” said Ben Swanson, sales manager of Intertronics. “Not only do different applications require different materials and equipment, but the way a material is packaged can make an impact on the process and change its suitability for an application - we are launching this material with that in mind.”

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