Highly adhesive silicone gel for electronic medical applications 09 January 2024

WACKER possesses a wide range of silicone products specially designed for medical applications. SILPURAN® 2124, a highly adhesive silicone gel which made its debut at COMPAMED in 2023, is the latest addition to the product family.

This silicone adhesive is suitable for producing adhesive layers required for atraumatic wound dressings and for fixing so-called wearables and other devices worn on the skin. With SILPURAN® 2124, WACKER is expanding its line of silicone adhesives to include a silicone gel that adheres exceptionally strongly to the skin yet allows gentle and pain-free removal. 

SILPURAN® 2124 achieves an adhesive force of 6.0N per 2.5cm, determined in the 90° pull-off test on steel in accordance with EN 1639. This makes the adhesion so strong that the new gel can not only be used in wound care but is also suitable for other skin fixation applications. For example, SILPURAN® 2124 can be used to produce adhesive layers or tapes for fixing wearables, i.e. sensors, catheters, cannulas or other medical devices and equipment, to the skin for short or medium wear times. 

The new product is a transparent, two-component low-viscosity silicone gel. At 3,000 millipascal seconds, it has a viscosity that is optimally matched to the coating process and enables simple and fast dosing. SILPURAN® 2124 crosslinks by a platinum-catalysed addition reaction to form a soft, highly flexible and elastic silicone with a gel-like consistency. The cured rubber is water repellent, but breathable and gentle to the skin; it also does not cause skin irritation or allergic effects. In addition, SILPURAN® 2124 is biocompatible according to selected tests in accordance with ISO 10993 and USP, and can be sterilised with ethylene oxide. 

SILPURAN® 2124 leaves no residue on the skin when it is removed. Moreover, fixation aids and wound dressings can be freely peeled off and reapplied. The adhesive layer combines well with certain polyethylene release films, which protect the adhesive layer in the final ready-to-use product. These release films can be removed without leaving any residue before application, and the release force remains unchanged even after several months of storage.

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