Flexible, thermally conductive, fire retardant adhesive 25 August 2021

The new Permabond MT3836 is a flexible, thermally conductive, fire retardant adhesive, which cures fully at room temperature and complies with the fire retardancy requirements of UL94-V0.

It contains a thermally conductive filler, which conducts heat away from bonded components, making it ideal for use in electronics applications such as bonding heat sinks, and in electric vehicle battery applications such as bonding battery modules, where MT3836 helps to improve vehicle thermal management.

The flexible nature of MT3836 also means it is compressible, which reduces stress on sensitive components, especially if dissimilar materials are being bonded and differential thermal expansion and contraction forces put stress on the joint. The cured, flexible material absorbs impact and vibration forces and is also electrically non-conductive.

Permabond MT3836 is suitable for bonding a wide variety of different substrate materials including metals, composites, polycarbonate, ABS, nylon and other plastics.

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