Flexible conductive epoxy from Panacol 06 January 2022

Elecolit® 3647 is a new addition to Panacol’s extensive portfolio of electrically conductive epoxy systems. With a history of demonstrated success, this silver filled conductive adhesive is particularly suitable for bonding with temperature sensitive films or flex PCBs.

Elecolit® 3647 is a one component, silver filled conductive adhesive that adheres very well to plastics, including polyimide, PC, PVC, ABS, and FR4 board. When fully cured, the adhesive is very flexible with high peel strength, making it the perfect choice for use in applications subject to vibration, oscillation or rapid temperature changes.

Elecolit 3647 can be used for die attach applications and component assembly on flexible films and printed circuit boards. This conductive adhesive has utilisation in printed and ‘in moulded’ electronics, wearables, and the conductive attachment of semiconductor chips.

A major advantage of Elecolit 3647 is it’s very easy handling and storage. The adhesive only needs to be stored refrigerated, not frozen. The single component adhesive can be dispensed, and cures within minutes at temperatures as low as 100°C. This makes it possible to fixture semiconductors and create electrical connections in a single step.

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