Data from wrench to PC – there’s an App for that! 28 December 2022

Hoffmann Group Connected Tools (HCT) has launched a Windows-based App that transfers measurement data from an HCT torque wrench to a user’s quality assurance system.

For instance, if when a screw is being tightened the intended value is not achieved, the system issues an alarm. This enables mistakes to be avoided and measurements reliably documented. In addition, the software allows the creation of work plans, which cater for various different torque wrenches and make step-by-step guidance available to the worker – giving employees clear instructions, which they can follow when tightening screws.

The App supports the company’s GARANT HCT 65 5010 and HOLEX HCT 65 5025 torque wrenches, saving measurement data from the torque wrenches to a PC in a structured CSV/DFQ format or automatically forwarding the data to the CAQ quality assurance system, using the MUX50/DMX16 protocol. Torque wrench serial numbers, date, time, as well as intended measurement values and other parameters can also be transferred. The wireless connection between the torque wrench and PC is enabled via a Bluetooth dongle, with each dongle able to connect up to 16 HCT torque wrenches to a Windows system, concurrently.

The App can be operated both in manual mode and in plan-of-work mode. Manual mode allows the torque wrenches and screw tightening parameters to be centrally managed, dispensing of the time-consuming need to set up directly at the torque wrench; data from connected torque wrenches is collected and saved throughout the entire day.

In plan-of-work mode, this guides the employee through his tasks and shows him which operation should be performed, at what time and using which tool. Images or drawings of work being undertaken can be uploaded when creating a work plan and the relevant screws highlighted, so that it is clear which specific screw is required. Thanks to a bi-directional interface, the required intended values are sent from the App to the wrench, which immediately sets itself up and signals when it is the next one to be used. Users no longer need to tediously input screw tightening parameters into the wrench and, conversely, they can now download screw tightening parameters from the wrenches themselves.

The HCT Windows App is currently available in English, French, German, Italian and Slovenian and can be downloaded for Windows 10 and higher versions.

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