Curable adhesive with no thermal input 23 September 2022

Panacol has developed a new adhesive to add to its extensive range. The Vitralit® UD 8050 MV F, designed to be cured without thermal influence, is suitable for applications within the medical industry.

Issues with bonding plastics in medical applications are common as not all plastics are transparent. This makes it difficult to cure UV adhesives safely, which means thermal post-curing is the usual alternative. However, not all electronic components and plastics can be subjected to thermal stress. In these cases, curing with heat is not a viable option.

The new Vitralit® adhesive, in addition to the products primary curing through UV crosslinking, allows for secondary moisture post-curing. Therefore, components in medical devices can be cured safely, without the use of excessive temperatures, even is shadow zones are present in component cavities. Adhesion is possible to various substrates, including electrical components, wires, structural bonding and metallised surfaces.

Primary curing of Vitralit® 8050 MV F can be carried out in seconds with UV or LED UV light. Secondary curing of the adhesive in the shadow areas which cannot be reached is completed through a moisture curing process. Thanks to its primary curing, which is based on UV crosslinking, Panacol insists this makes the Vitralit® processing more reliable, unlike moisture curing cyanoacrylates. Moisture in the air does not cause the adhesive to cure while still in the dispensing needle, allowing for a wide process window.

The new adhesive has been certified according to ISO 10993-5/-10/-23 biocompatibility testing. For optical control of the bond, Vitralit® UD 8050 MV F is equipped with fluorescent markers that are visible with short wave light.

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