Bostik extends Born2Bond™ adhesives to support consumer electronics 30 March 2023

Bostik has extended its Born2Bond engineering adhesive HMPUR and UV-CIPG ranges to support the manufacture of smaller, more lightweight and increasingly complex consumer electronic devices that are also required to be recyclable and meet all relevant sustainability and safety regulations.

Five new products have been added to Born2Bond's high-performance HMPUR range, the HHD 5510, HHD 5518BK, HHD 5529, HHD 5539 and HHD 6103BK, with an aim to deliver precision, durability and speed of application. The company states the new range is flexible and elastic, delivers high bonding strength on multiple substrates, including plastic, glass and metal, and is available in multiple viscosities. 

HMPUR’s new products are suited to structural parts bonding, touch panel bonding, acoustic assembly and auto display. Also, they are ideal for applications such as headphones, smartwatches, laptop keyboards, smartphones, tablets, speakers, wearables, drones and games consoles.  

The UV-CIPG range has also been extended, with two additional products, the AU060R and AU589V, to provide serviceable gasketing solutions that help to protect consumer electronics from dust and liquids. Manufactured to allow for design flexibility, the adhesives deliver high durability with thermal and humidity resistance. Also, the adhesives change colour during the curing process.

To address the issue of sustainability, both ranges have been specifically designed for auto dispensing, providing precision application and high-production efficiency, reducing wastage and costs. Engineering adhesives and UV cure-in-place gaskets also deliver low-energy application processes, support preventative maintenance, and enable the rework-ability and recyclability of consumer electronics.

“We extended the UV-CIPG range, for example, because we felt for too long the consumer electronics industry have felt the significant drawbacks of traditional gasketing solutions such as low performance and high production costs. Our Born2Bond engineering adhesives are delivering high-performance solutions to these challenges, as well as providing manufacturers with more adaptable and faster processes,” says Stephen Edwards, business director APAC of engineering adhesives at Bostik.

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