An innovative all-rounder for the smallest bonds 05 April 2023

tesa, an international manufacturer of adhesive tapes and self-adhesive product solutions, has added to its adhesive tape portfolio with the introduction of tesa® L-tape 869x. The new tesa tape is especially suited for installing extremely small components, like those found in smartphones, smartwatches and other electronic devices.

The new tesa® L-tape 869x is a high-performance, translucent adhesive tape, which is activated by light to achieve its full adhesive strength. tesa states the new L-tape makes a perfect addition to current high-tech adhesive tapes, and a good alternative to liquid adhesives. Liquid adhesives can lead to long hardening times, in some cases leaving messy bonding surfaces, whereas high temperatures are not needed during the application process of tesa® L-tape 869x.

tesa® L-tape 869x enables semi-structural bonding and design flexibility in the electronics sector, as temperature-sensitive components and extremely small parts can be handled with no difficulty. Both transparent and opaque substrates can be quickly and efficiently bonded together. The reactive adhesive on which tesa® L-tape is based is also highly shock-resistant, ensuring reliable and permanent adhesion between the elements that are to be bonded.

“In tesa® L-tape 869x we have developed a really innovative all-rounder, which not only securely bonds the smallest parts and components, but which can also be used for many different materials. Once activated by light, tesa® L-tape 869x holds the bonded parts firmly together. The tape is shock-resistant and retains its strength even when exposed to moisture or heat”, says Carsten Meyer-Rackwitz, corporate vice president electronics at tesa. “We want to offer our customers innovative solutions that not only enable them to improve their production processes but also to optimise the end product, and with the new tesa® L-tape 869x we have achieved that in every respect.”

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