Versatility in screwdriving applications 14 May 2024

Manual tool manufacturer Wiha has introduced a new variation of its electric screwdriver range – the speedE® PocketDrive. Distinguished by its versatility, the new tool offers a solution to many applications, including screw connections of sensitive components, fixation tasks in shell construction, work on cable channels, industrial mounting tasks, and wood screw connections.

The speedE® is accompanied by a selection of 30 bits enclosed in a bit box combined with a magnetic bit holder. An enclosed USB-C cable allows easy recharging. Designed with user comfort in mind, the screwdriver offers a light and compact design that also allows easy handling for overhead screw connections or for applications in confined workspaces. Six powerful LED spotlights on the handle illuminate the entire workspace.

speedE®’s automatic turning function offers two selectable material protection levels, allowing the user full control of the turning mechanism to enable delicate but powerful fastening. If, for example, 4mm x 60mm screws are to be fastened in spruce wood, the stronger level can be selected at the push of a button, and the tool will electrically fasten the screws up to 5Nm. For delicate components and work that requires a sensitive touch, the force can be limited to 1Nm to protect the material against damage from potentially overtightening the screw.

Wiha Marketing Manager Sven Wilde says: “The development of the PocketDrive is the logical consequence of the great success we are experiencing with the speedE® electric II. With its specific characteristics, such as, for example the combination with insulated slimBits or the precisely adjustable material protection function, this screwdriver has been facilitating the work of professional electricians for many years. It was now our aim to develop another electric screwdriver variation whose design makes it an all-round tool that facilitates the various fastening tasks of a wide range of users in their daily life. We have succeeded in accomplishing this with the PocketDrive.”

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