Universal adhesive and sealant 13 May 2024

Weicon, a manufacturer of special chemical products, has developed a universal adhesive and sealant that is suitable for many industries – Weicon Flex 310 M Hybrid.

Flex 310 M Hybrid is a universally applicable, one component, SMP-based adhesive and sealant which offers high elasticity, good mechanical strength, high mould resistance, is non-corrosive to surfaces and can be sanded or painted over. This adhesive is free of silicone, isocyanate and solvents, offers high resistance against weather and is low in both odour and emissions.

Flex 310 adheres well to powder-coated, galvanised, anodised, chromated or hot-dip galvanised surfaces, even without extensive surface pre-treatment with a primer. The adhesive and sealant also adheres to a wide variety of materials, such as metal, various plastics, natural stone, concrete, masonry, plaster, wooden floors, glass, and more.

This universal adhesive and sealant can be used in many industrial areas, such as tank and apparatus construction, car body, container and vehicle construction, pipework and fitting construction, in the energy and electrical industries, in insulation technology and in plastics technology, among others.

During application, the surfaces to be bonded must be dry, clean and free of oil, grease and dust. Processing temperature of the adhesive and sealant is between 5°C – 40°C. Weicon outlines that the adhesive skin forms after approximately 10 minutes, and the first 2mm – 3mm of the material will harden in the first 24 hours.

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