Torque precision for flexible applications 27 March 2024

As the latest addition to an already extensive range of high-quality and reliable tools, Remscheid-based GEDORE has introduced the Adjustable breaking wrench ATB 10 G to enable precise and repeatable tightening torque for screw connections. The versatile tool can be applied to a multitude of applications, including assembly, series assembly, manufacturing, quality control, testing and experimental departments.

The rectangular cavity end of the Adjustable breaking wrench ATB 10 G, measuring 9mm x 12mm, means various plug tools can be connected to the torque wrench, facilitating a wide range of applications. At the same time, the release mechanism ensures that the torque is applied accurately and safely even when in continuous use. This handy tool provides controlled tightening over a range of 2Nm to 10Nm and when the desired torque is reached, the handle bends by up to 20°.

The advantage of this long distance release is that the increased release radius allows the user to stop the tightening process in a more controlled manner and makes it extremely unlikely that the screw will be over-tightened. The desired value is set precisely and quickly using the micrometer scale above the handle of the torque wrench. In addition, an adjuster lock prevents accidental adjustments to the present torque value during use. When the value is reached, the front part of the torque wrench bends at the pivot point in a tangible and visible way. If no more pressure is exerted on the tool after triggering, the broken front part automatically returns to the starting position. Once back in the starting position, the ATB 10 G is immediately ready for use again.
GEDORE Adjustable breaking wrench ATB 10 G is tested and certified to DIN EN ISO 6789 Type II Class A and adjusts to a release accuracy of +/- 6%.

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