The new type of substructure for rear ventilated façades 31 March 2023

When it comes to mounting rear ventilated façades quickly and easily on concrete and masonry, REISSER Schraubentechnik offers its newly approved REISSER spacer screw RDS, suitable for use in both new buildings and for the renovation of existing buildings.

Currently, REISSER offers three versions of its RDS mounting screw, available in lengths of 190mm – 270mm. The RDS-CA, designed for fixing secondary aluminium substructures to the front of masonry, the RDS-CW for fixing secondary wooden substructures to the front of masonry and the RDS-CTS which has been manufactured to test existing masonry.

The company states that, unlike conventional screws, the RDS has two different threads on the head and tip. The profile to be fastened (either wood or aluminium) is kept at a distance by the head thread. Then the anchor thread, which is resilient to tension and compression, in combination with the plastic frame anchor fixes the system into the exterior wall. Based on the façade load, the exact number of screws per m² can also be calculated in the design phase.  

As REISSER spacer screws are invisibly installed and can no longer be accessed after installation, the fastener is made from stainless steel (A4) as required by the directive for rear ventilated façades. The low thermal conductivity of this material also results in an almost thermal bridge-free fastening. Furthermore, the A4 spacer screw – as a connection system that is compliant with fire protection requirements – is a safe connection system for rear ventilated façades. REISSER also ensures the spacer screw is fully compatible with all commercially available compression-resistant or compression-soft insulation materials and profiles, thus minimising insulation waste.

RDS can also be used for subsequently installed visual changes to façades, such as elements made of Max panels, aluminium composite plates, advertising board fixings, wood panelling or solar panel installations. Furthermore, the screw system can be fully deconstructed, ensuring complete recyclability of materials and sustainability of the product.

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