Speed of serial fixing with manual precision and safety 14 November 2019

By Magdalena Grzelak, chief communication manager at Rawlplug

What determines the final quality of every investment is the precision and diligence with which each stage of works is performed at the construction site.

Even the largest projects depend on the tiniest details, while the operation of large machinery is complemented by the human effort. Mechanical ‘contractors’ experience no fatigue, and they can continue to work almost without interruptions, but it is the operator who makes sure that multiple elements are ultimately combined to create the whole.

Even though it is automated and mechanised to a large extent, the contemporary construction site is good for nothing without human intervention. And so, it is for the operators – the heart and soul of every construction project – for whom we have created the new and improved version of the gas powered nailer for concrete and steel – the 2nd generation SC40 II from Rawlplug.

Repeatability, speed, precision
Direct fastening systems belong to a highly demanding segment of construction tools. What users truly need is not only the speed and robustness of the machine, but also the precision and ergonomics that only their own skills can provide. This is why we were inspired by the symbiosis of human and machines while designing the 2nd generation SC40 II, and so the tool has been endowed with the very best of them both. It is the durability, speed and reliability of the machine combined with the precision, ease and intuitiveness of human hands. It is a state of the art high capacity battery that ensures long operating time. It is an improved casing that protects the nailer against contamination. It is the direct response to operators’ needs.

Work faster, longer and more efficiently
The SC40 II 2nd generation gas powered nailer from Rawlplug brings changes for improved key tool parameters. Installation in series requires the possibility to use a cordless tool for the long hours you must often spend repeating the same fixing operation. This is why the new nailer from Rawlplug features a long-life ergonomic lithium-ion battery with 2.5Ah of capacity running on 7.2 voltage, thanks to which you no longer need to interrupt work. What does that mean to an operator? It primarily means extended working time enabling them to perform as many as 8,000 fixing operations without battery charging.

The nailer set contains two batteries, which can be easily swapped and used interchangeably – this means as many as 16,000 fixings without having to interrupt work. The new technology also translates into improved stability of the charging and discharging process; elimination of the memory effect that would otherwise exert negative impact on the battery life; as well as better parameters attained under extreme conditions (very low or very high temperatures).

Contemporary contractors usually operate under the pressure of time, and this pressure is something the best tools in the market must deal with to minimise maintenance downtime. This is why the new nailer’s great advantage from the perspective of working conditions is the battery charging time reduced to 30 minutes, which takes 2/3 times less than to equivalent products. Compared to the speed of manual hammering of fixings, the installation time has been reduced by as many as 15 times, and so when fixing in series, the savings that can be attained are more than notable.

The new battery model is also of significance to the environmental aspect, which practically means compliance with the latest European regulations on introducing heavy metals contained in older generation batteries into the market. Rawlplug is particularly vigilant about this matter on account of its sustainability policy, which involves specific measures being deployed to reduce the negative environmental impact of our operations.

What is more, the 2nd generation tool has been designed in such a way as to provide the user with maximised control over its condition, hence a number of functions that make it easier to monitor the battery status, which conditions the tool’s readiness to work. Not only does the device feature the battery status indicator, clearly showing the current battery power level, but also works in two energy saving modes. One puts the nailer in the standby mode after 10 minutes in idle, which significantly improves the battery life, while the other proves particularly useful when facing time limitations, as it enables the user to charge the battery as quickly as in two minutes – allowing for up to 200 fixing operations to be performed. It is a perfect solution whenever the job must be completed and the battery is completely flat.

Impeccable precision
The goal we pursued while designing the SC40 II 2nd generation was to create a tool that every professional would consider worthy of their skills. Therefore, not only was it to be robust, but also accurate – after all, it is the know-how and precision of manufacture that decides the durability, quality and safety of every investment. To create such a device was the important task tackled by Rawlplug engineers, who on top of being great theoreticians are primarily construction practitioners, and who turn the experience acquired at numerous construction sites into products that reflect the needs of consumers of respective categories of fixings and tools. The project was indeed demanding – its outcome, after all, was supposed to be a piece of equipment that can nearly equal human hands while lacking their imperfections. The first of the many improvements introduced in the new nailer is the perfected setting depth adjustment system. The former stepless control knob has been replaced with a two position mechanism – enabling the user to set the nailing depth in all applications regardless of the substrate type. It ensures high precision adjustment while the tool’s design and operation remain as simple as can be. The intelligible markings on the nailer’s body indicate the effect the user is about to produce by setting the toggle switch in the given position. This puts them in control of the fixing operations to be performed. Is there a better guarantee of their reliability?

Improved design – improved working comfort
In order to make sure users get along even better with the tool, we have perfected its ergonomic characteristics. For increased comfort, we have modified the handle positioning, which significantly improves the overall device stability, consequently increasing the comfort of prolonged handling. This change will particularly be appreciated by operators who work in a vertical position, building floor slabs, for instance. What often turns out to be problematic in longish installation jobs is the nailer’s weight, increasing and accelerating the operator’s fatigue.

In response to this problem, the 2nd generation SC40 II features a newly designed magazine made of plastics, which has significantly improved the tool’s balance. We have also made the magazine shorter, which makes tool handling easier in inaccessible locations.

On top of that, we have come up with a completely new and simplified magazine dismantling mechanism, accelerating such activities as removing obstructions or cleaning. All the above modifications have allowed us to reduce the tool’s weight, and so the new generation nailer from Rawlplug weighs only 3.4kg, contributing to the unmatched working comfort and minimised operator fatigue.

Durable, strong, reliable
Cleaning is definitely among the activities that slow down and disturb the sequence of construction work. With a tool such as the nailer, a major problem encountered so far was the risk of the device being clogged with contamination of larger particle size, e.g a base material splinter. In such cases, the necessary disassembly of the device was timely and troublesome. This is why Rawlplug’s engineers were focusing on minimising this risk, and hence the new design, which ensures protection of internal components against dust and larger concrete spalls that may be produced during installation.

The device casing has also been designed in such a way as to provide maximum protection against contamination while not compromising the comfort of use, especially in the closest vicinity of walls or columns. Thanks to the perfected structure, the front sections ensure superior protection, which has made it possible to extend the tool’s life by around 40%. It gives us certainty that downtime caused by impurities penetrating the tool’s inner structure can be effectively minimised. The new nailer from Rawlplug requires routine periodical cleaning and inspection only, providing users with an infallible tool for years.

Expertise in service of professionals
The aim we pursued was to make the 2nd generation SC40 II nailer a tool that combines solutions to all problems one may encounter in direct fastening jobs. The effect of our endeavours has been enclosed in a handy compact case. What hides behind the blue Rawlplug logo is a set composed of the nailer along with two long-life lithium-ion batteries, a quick battery charger, a starter pin set, as well as a protective equipment for operators comprising safety glasses and ear plugs.

All details of the nailer are described in a digestible user manual that will allow users to advance to a completely new level of construction works, where manual fixing operations are faster, more accurate and more efficient than ever before. Rawlplug’s new equipment has been designed for use wherever operators are dealing with repeatable manual applications.

It proves most useful when working on scaffoldings and floor slabs. Users will find it irreplaceable while fixing drywall framing elements, holders as well as cabling troughs and ducts. It is also suitable for installation of cable and pipe clips, and manages just fine in confined spaces of limited access.

The nailer can also be used for the fixing of many other system components, and the wide selection of its fixing accessories will enable operators to install meshes and membranes. The SC40 II 2nd generation nailer is simply much more than a mere tool like a lot of others – it is expertise in service of professionals.

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