Specialist anchors secure façade 24 November 2020

10,000 specially created anchors from the fischer Group of Companies have been used to install the heavy stone elements of a commercial building in Zurich, Switzerland.

The façade consists of approximately 100 various steel tube grid constructions which are fitted with tapered pieces of marble of varying sizes and between 6cm to 18cm in thickness. These components were prefabricated by the manufacturer and were later hung from 6 to 8 studs on the construction site in a blind installation. The individual parts weighed up to 4.5 tonnes.

Precisely placing heavy elements such as these without a central balance point while lining up with all the studs proved to be a tremendous challenge, particularly as the steel elements were deformed by up to 10mm, which is unavoidable in steel construction. This hurdle was only overcome with a suspension device specially constructed for these elements. The fischer façade systems division of the fischer Group of Companies was responsible for fastening the marble panels to the steel construction using undercut technology.

The undercut holes were drilled with a tolerance of less than 1mm. This was a highly elaborate process, as Steven-Henrik Maier, Market Manager fischer façade systems reports. “There were challenges due to the heavy loads as a result of high dead load of the panels, which are up to 180mm thick. Several pull-out tests were required to ensure correct and safe execution.” The tests were carried out with various panel thicknesses (30mm, 40mm, 60mm, 80mm), including installation close to the edge and with larger panel sizes. A specialist anchor was ultimately designed featuring a higher anchoring depth to be able to carry the loads.

The fischer solutions convinced the planners and architects in several aspects. From an aesthetic point of view, the option to conceal the panel fastenings was crucial. This was also the only option to feature the desired 2mm joints in the element centre. Then there was the high load-bearing capacity, the technical support and the willingness to find and manufacture a custom solution tailored to the project. This solution consisted of the fischer Zykon panel anchors FZP II in the special 13 x 25.5 M8/18 carbon variant, of which approximately 10,000 units were installed. 

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