Specialised anchors for off-site solutions 17 April 2024

Simpson Strong-Tie is expanding its growing line of offsite construction solutions with the new MASOZ™ mudsill anchors, designed for factory construction of sheathed wall panels. These connectors provide an efficient alternative to traditional cast in place anchor bolts, as time isn’t wasted on misaligned anchors.

Designed with the user in mind with the aim to reduce time consumption, the smart design of the anchors, specific to offsite installation, eliminates the need for a separate crew to drill and set anchors after wall panels are in place, and they eliminate the need for additional blocking and connectors when used over sheathing. 

“As more builders switch from stick-built framing to offsite fabrication, traditional mudsill anchors for sheathed wall panels are proving too labour intensive for the application,” explains Randy Daudet, group product manager for mass timber/offsite products. “The MASOZ™ mudsill anchor is specially designed for factory builds, reducing on-site labour by eliminating the blocking detail that is required for our standard MASA product line.”

MASOZ™ installs on the inside of the form board, on the outside of wall, allowing panels to be placed without the hassle of aligning sill plate holes with protruding anchor bolts. With strategic nail hole and bend line locations, the versatile design allows the MASOZ™ anchors to work with up to ½ inch thick sheathing in flush or overhanging conditions.

Form-board alignment features – where there is a compound bend at the intersection on top of the form-board and concrete, along with notches along the outside edge – allow for more intuitive installation. The featured nail holes include Simpson Strong-Tie’s raised embossing to allow for fast installation using a nail gun without positive placement. Two options are available for this design, the standard MASOZ™ for installation on standard form boards, and the MASOPZ™ for panelised forms. The MASOZ™ products have a ZMAX® coating for increased corrosion protection.

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