Snap-on® advances its locking pliers line 22 February 2024

Snap-on® is advancing its line of locking pliers with the introduction of two innovative designs that outgrip competitors with aggressive teeth and a longer nose for increased accessibility in tight workspaces.  

The Snap-on® LP5LN 6 ½ inch Long Nose Locking Pliers have a longer nose for gripping in hard to reach places, while the LP5WC 5 inch Locking Pliers with Cutter have more deeply grooved teeth and a cutter in the throat of the pliers. Both feature a patent-pending Power Ring and offer enhanced thread strength with up to 4,000lb clamping force, ideal for demanding applications.

A pinned and brazed upper jaw creates a robust bond with the body of the pliers, playing a crucial role in maintaining alignment, especially under large clamping loads. An oversized adjustment screw, compatible with a 3/16 inch hex key, enables additional clamping force and facilitates quick and easy adjustments while being easy on the hands. The sharp, specially broached teeth, smooth trigger mechanism, and durable nickel coating ensure comfortable and reliable operation whether extracting pressure-held parts or loosening and tightening connectors.

This introduction, along with news of expansions at the company’s hand tool manufacturing facilities, underscores the Snap-on® commitment to delivering innovative, made in the U.S. craftsmanship in its locking pliers line.

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