Shaping the future of wood construction 16 April 2024

With an intense focus on sustainability in the modern construction industry, wood construction is becoming an increasingly popular alternative as a renewable resource that is climate neutral, offers excellent physical and insulating properties, among other advantages. Thanks to fischer’s latest wood construction screws, PowerFast II and PowerFull II, wood can be processed safely.

Equipped with a European Technical Assessment, fischer’s new PowerFast II wood construction screw enables many different designs. With its partial thread, the screw firmly expands or pulls wooden components together, making it suitable for applications which include wood on wood and metal on wood connections. In addition to the types of solid wood, wood materials, and veneer specified in the ETA, the PowerFast II screw is also suitable for applications in fischer plugs with load values recommended by fischer.

PowerFast II possesses many different head types to provide added flexibility, with available options including stepped countersunk, countersunk, disc heads and a hexagon head with a pressed-on washer. The innovative stepped countersunk head can be fully inserted into the wood, allowing fixtures to be screwed in flush and wood structures to be added as superstructures.

With its three ribs, the screw tip ensures a quick bite while simultaneously providing a pre-drilling function, making it easier to place the screw while significantly reducing its splitting behaviour in the material. The higher thread pitch also reduces the time it takes to insert the screw. A combination of redesigned shaft ribs and the perfectly coordinated core milling thread geometry reduces the screw-in torque, saving time and effort during installation. The high-performance wax coating additionally reduces the screw-in torque, ensuring a longer battery life with smooth and even insertion. These features enable users to successfully complete their projects quicker and more cost-effectively.

The innovative and patented core-milling geometry provides precise positioning and finish milling while the wood dust is conveniently removed. Thanks to this feature, the PowerFast II screw can also be used in low edge and axial spacing, enabling even more wood designs. A tangential impact screwdriver can be used to insert the wood construction screw and depending on the version, the new PowerFast II screw is available in diameters of 8mm to 12mm.

Also new to the fischer range is PowerFull II, an ETA-certified premium full thread screw with diameters of 6mm to 10mm which is ideal for wood on wood and sheet steel on wood connections. In addition to conventional softwoods, the wood construction screw is also suitable for use in solid woods. Thanks to its optimised head and thread geometry, the latest PowerFull II generation is ideal for processing while ensuring maximum force transmission, ensuring installation requires little effort and battery power. Its unique countersunk head with mill pockets below the head is ideal for fastening metal components to wood, preventing fixtures from being damaged by reaming. A version with a cylinder head also features mill pockets that allow the screw to be neatly sunk into a fastening substrate.

The 10mm screw variants have a drill tip that creates a pre-drilling effect without causing the long screws to slip, reducing the risk of splitting the wood and lowering the turning torque. This also enables low edge and axial spacing.

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