Reaching the ‘hard to reach’ places 28 June 2024

When it comes to fastening components in confined areas, it is important to have the right tool to hand. The versatile ratcheting spanner No 17F from STAHLWILLE has been specially designed to reach areas in these restricted work spaces.

No 17F provides the user with the convenience of a conventional ratchet, which can tighten or loosen screws without the need to keep removing and reattaching the tool, with the compact dimensions of a spanner that is also available with a flat ring side – making it possible to work in tight spaces where a conventional ratchet wouldn’t be able to reach. Also, the integrated ratchet with 72 teeth and a working angle of just 5° guarantees precise and efficient work. 

A rounded finish to the tool ensures that there is a non-slip feel, allowing users to work reliably, even with oily hands. There are two other important features that distinguish No 17F. Firstly, there is no switch on the tool for changing direction – to work in the opposite direction, users simply turn the spanner over. Secondly, the ring side is flat instead of angled, making the No 17F ideal for particularly tight spaces. 

Available in 15 sizes, from 8mm – 24mm, the spanner is ideal for all standard bolted joints.  

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