Power bolts fasten wooden structures in concrete 17 April 2020

With the fischer bolt anchor FAZ II, wooden structures can be anchored in concrete with particular ease, load-bearing capacity and safety. Through continuous development of its anchor family, fischer provides a product that is optimally adapted to the needs of the user.

The range of applications for the bolt series is expanding due to higher tensile and cross-load capacities and variable anchorage depth for large parts of the bolt range.

For instance, threshold and beam anchoring can be made particularly easier and quicker with the FAZ II. A particularly flexible and easy installation is achieved with the FAZ II HBS, which is made of galvanised and stainless steel. Its extra-large washer in accordance with DIN 1052 improves the transmission of force between bolt anchors and sleepers or beams. Numerous variants of the fischer bolt anchor, such as the FAZ II GS, enable high load values for applications such as wooden structures, tie rods and beam anchors with a low anchorage depth and little drilling effort.

A European Technical Assessment (ETA) now certifies the sizes M8 to M12 in cracked concrete with significantly higher tensile and transverse load capacities. This means that fastening tasks can be carried out with fewer fastening points while maintaining security, reducing the effort and costs involved.

In addition, the new ETA 05/0069 allows a variable anchorage depth of the anchors in the dimensions M8 to M16. This can be tailored to the respective load requirement or the existing component thickness with millimetre precision. This allows for numerous fastening tasks to be carried out with shorter dowels, less drilling depth and thinner concrete components, which saves the user both energy and money. Small centre and edge distances, as well as the variable anchoring depth, allow optimal fastening at maximum loads under demanding conditions. The ETA regulates the same loads as hammer drilling for diamond drilling from M8.

With the FAZ II M6, fischer states that it offers the first bolt anchor with a diameter of 6mm on the market that has an ETA Option 1 for cracked concrete. Attachments up to 20mm thick can be attached with the product. The small diameter and the low anchoring depth of 40mm can save users time, costs and effort when anchoring wooden structures in concrete.

With the FAZ II H, fischer also points out that it is able to offer the first bolt anchor worldwide that has received an ETA with a cap nut. Their round head shape protects against injuries and creates a representative appearance of visible fastenings of elements such as wooden stairs indoors.

With its high load bearing capacity in concrete and its suitability for numerous fastening tasks, as well as its extensive ETA, the FAZ bolt anchor ensures a secure attachment, even for unusual connections. The additional ICC approval enables problem free use in properties in the USA and the Far East. The FAZ II is also easy to install in water-filled boreholes and the bolt anchor guarantees a secure hold for up to two hours under fire.

Due to the possibility of being able to assemble in pre-installation, push-through and spacing installation, the anchors enable the user to choose the most suitable installation type. When tightening the nut with a specified torque, the cone bolt is pulled into the expansion clip and clamps it firmly against the borehole wall allowing the anchor to be loaded immediately.