Plastics: essential for construction and more 09 March 2023

Here, Panozzo Srl, a manufacturer of fastening systems, outlines the importance of using plastic components and how they are becoming increasingly more essential to the construction industry.

When we think of the materials used in the construction of a house, a school or a gym, our thoughts hardly ever go to plastics. In fact, we generally think about concrete, brick, wood or glass, and this is probably because we do not associate plastics with materials suitable for solid construction. Yet, in Europe, the second largest sector for plastics is construction.

So, where are all these plastics found? If we think about it, there is a reason why we don’t often need to change pipes, cables, nut covers or plugs due to wear and tear or corrosion, whether they are visible or hidden. This is thanks to one of plastics many features: durability. As a matter of fact, plastics have gradually replaced other materials in various construction applications. The reasons lie in some of their characteristics, which make them an advantageous choice over other products.  

First of all, plastics are lightweight and versatile, thus allowing for experimentation with innovative products and solutions, both in terms of large works and small interventions.

Plastics have the advantage of reducing construction and maintenance costs. Replacing traditional materials with plastics makes it possible to prolong component lifetime. Qualities such as durability, recyclability, hygiene and ease of installation positively affect the final budget, making plastics an advantageous and efficient choice.

Additionally, many smaller components are made from plastics, but are fundamental to the final result. This is the case for nuts, washers, screws, rivets, grains and other small items that, even if not visible, help to assemble, protect and preserve.

In short, plastics now play a fundamental role in our homes and daily lives thanks to their vital role in the construction industry. 

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