Paving the way for a Product Carbon Footprint tool 12 April 2024

In the quest to develop a sector wide software tool for the harmonised Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) calculation for the adhesive and tapes industry, it has been agreed that Sphera, a specialised provider of sustainability software consulting services, will work in close cooperation with Afera to finalise the raw material clusters and build the database required to set-up the tool. 

During a number of successful workshops and together with the German Adhesives Association, IVK, Afera has been taking part in key discussions to find industry specific processes, raw material clusters, and data requirements, needed to develop the new PCF tool for adhesive tape manufacturers.

In addition to the PCF tool, Sphera will also provide Afera members with a manual on how to use the new tool, as well as a detailed description of the methodology used for PCF calculation, including the assumptions made and how Together for Sustainability (TfS) guidelines apply to adhesive tapes.

Over the course of the workshop series, several important agreements were reached, on calculation methodology, scope, functional units, parameters, data and timeline. Calculation methodology, for example, is to be based on ISO standard 14067:2018: ‘Greenhouse Gases – Carbon Footprint of Products’ through an expansion of the TfS PCF guideline. The functional unit was agreed as CO2 equivalent per square metre of tape, with a conversion factor taking surface area and mass into account. The timeline sees data collection during H1 2024 and draft tool delivery (MVP) during Q3 2024. 

Pablo Englebienne, Afera regulatory affairs and sustainability manager, said: “We made a lot of progress during the last scoping workshops in Düsseldorf, Germany. All the key aspects have been agreed upon. We can now focus on filling in the details for the raw materials and the manufacturing processes. Fortunately, earlier discussions and data from prior projects can pave the way for a swift development of the tool, so that we can have a version before the end of 2024, as was intended.”

Access to the eventual online platform will be made available to tape manufacturer members, with an access fee. The common goal is to ensure that member companies can soon determine PCF values for adhesives and tapes in a straightforward, harmonised, affordable manner. This will allow businesses to meet future legal requirements, as well as the demands of the supply chain. 

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