Optimising manufacturing with advanced digital torque wrench 16 November 2022

Crane has announced the launch of IQWrench3, a digital torque wrench designed to optimise product quality and prevent product recalls across the global manufacturing industry.

Complete with multiple communication options, advanced torque measurement software and the ability to transfer auditable data between systems, the IQWrench3 is Crane’s most advanced digital torque wrench to date. Additionally, the wrench is also equipped with precision torque and angle measurement capabilities, it is integrated with an improved storage system, has improved battery life and an advanced data collector. The new wrench has been specifically designed for those working in automotive, aerospace, construction, marine and rail.

“The IQWrench3 is the latest model to join our torque wrench collection, bringing with it the same state-of-the art features that come with all Crane Electronic wrenches, while taking user experience and torque measurement capability to a whole new level. Our IQWrench3 will not only improve product quality and performance, but it also supports industry safety standards, helping to heighten brand reputation,” says Adrian Duffin, managing director of Crane Electronics.

The IQWrench3’s user-friendly software is easy to navigate, as it is integrated with the latest advanced torque measurement modes developed by Crane. All data is recorded on the wrench and can be transferred onto a PC or system network, allowing for regular auditing, report production and assembly traceability. The versatile IQWrench3 is capable of communicating across multiple customer systems and controllers, including RF, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

The wrench is also fitted with new features, including foreign object debris (FOD) compliance - designed especially for those in the aerospace and automotive industries - and point of load ‘insensitivity’ – allowing torque to be applied from any position on the wrench. As with all Crane torque digital wrenches, interchangeable adapter heads with ‘Auto-ID’ are also available for automatic length compensation and allowing for applications with a single wrench.

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