Nine floors on Klimas screws 16 January 2024

Klimas Wkręt-met is making another investment within wooden construction by delivering its screws to the Nordhavn coast. The Marmormolen in Copenhagen is a complex of seven buildings framed in one block, each nine stories high, and will be one of the largest contemporary wooden structures in Denmark. The company’s WKFC, WKLC, and WKCH screws, in the hundreds of thousands, are being sent.

Marmormolen, as it is called, will be completed this year, and its unusual wooden structure will house office, retail, and dining spaces, becoming a symbol of urban living on Denmark's Nordhavn coast. 

Although wood has so far been rather associated with the past of construction, it is coming back into favour thanks to it being light weight and beneficial in terms of sustainability. “Technological advancements,” Klimas states, “guarantee precise cutting of the wooden material, and the constant development of Klimas Wkręt-met's product portfolio already makes it possible to deliver the highest quality screws to the construction site, enabling the execution of fast and durable connections of wooden elements.”

With the planet in mind 

The trend back to wood construction also means a huge step toward reducing the carbon footprint of construction. Wood is a material that is definitely at the forefront of the list of sustainable alternatives. Unlike concrete, wood has the property of storing CO2, swapping concrete for wood construction therefore means that instead of emitting tonnes of the harmful gas, the building stores it. 

In the case of Marmormolen, the green nature of the development is also supported by its setting – it will be surrounded on three sides by green urban space, including a planned waterfront park. The building is to include space for a canteen and a public eatery, terraces and gardens are also planned on the roofs. It is there that vegetables are to be produced for the aforementioned eatery. Biodiversity can also to be found on the rooftops – with beehives and insect houses to facilitate local wildlife.


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