New torque wrench for portable torque precision 26 June 2024

The new BTW-Series battery torque wrench from Enerpac has been designed for fast set-up and speed during bolting applications, enabling operators to quickly move between bolting jobs, while achieving pinpoint torquing precision.

Featuring an anti-slip pistol grip, as well as a trigger for sturdy control and operator comfort, the BTW-Series torque wrench uses a patented planetary gear with optimum tooth design for smooth and consistent torque. It also has a robust reaction arm to provide a strong reaction point when torquing, as well as a low maintenance brushless motor that enables maximum productivity. The BTW-Series is also manufactured with hardened alloy steel to withstand the elevated levels of torque.

Including the reaction arm and battery, the BTW-Series weighs just 4.7kg, making it ideal for use by a single operator. With its compact design, the handheld tool is also ideal for difficult to reach applications or where physical space is limited.

The torque wrench is also equipped with an integrated digital motor vectoring system, delivering accurate and repeatable torque up to 8,130Nm, as well as an intuitive LCD display that allows the required torque, either in Nm or ft.lbs, to be set at the touch of a button.

Available for ¾ inch to 1½ inch square drive sizes, the BTW-Series torque wrench is supplied with two Enerpac 18V 5.5 Ah lithium-ion batteries and a 60 minute fast charger. For added flexibility, the BTW-Series torque wrench will also work with any compatible Cordless Alliance System (CAS) battery.

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